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BIO of the CIE

© Romain Huck


Performers in contemporary dance and circus, Christine Daigle and Mathias Reymond created the Company Ici'bas in 2015. The company, based in Sainte-Croix in Switzerland, has the project to promote the interdisciplinarity of the performing arts. Through diverse collaborations and with Constance Bugnon, a new member in the core of the team since 2019, the company traces her path between alternative venues, nature, cities and the black box of theaters. The diversities of forms, contexts and mediums enriches the process to treat and question common themes such as the relation we have with nature, with our nature and with each other.

Duo project combining dance and circus designed for the city and its architecture, rediscovered by the performers. A time where the passerby can stop and take a deep breath of fresh air. With this first proposition, the company was able to share its work in over 50 festivals in a dozen different countries. The show receives the jury prize from the contest Mais Imaginarius in Portugal and the prize Best performance of emerging company in Umore Azoka, Spain.

Original artistic object, on the edges of dance, circus, theater, and performative installation. An immersive and contemplative land art. A long and engaging performance that unfolds in large outdoor natural spaces: prairies, hills, and forests. A piece bringing the audience far away from the cities into the nature for 4 hours between day and night. This migration orchestrated by 8 performers treats the subject of private property, appropriation and exile.

Dancing trio, both electric and sensual, where an ardent partnering work meets a refined circus composition exempt of artifices. A piece for atypical venues and theaters. An ode to desire, sensuality and to our devastating need of tenderness. The title's irony convey the image of these deserted American landscapes where we wander on this long solitary highway. A simple but strong visual environment accompanied by an original electro-music composition where the dancers evolve between humain warmth and post-traumatism. 

A Cultural Investigation Haven. If medical research is obviously essential to find solutions to the ongoing crisis, we believe that research in other fields is just as important, and therefore support must be given to the reinvention of the usual means of production and distribution.

Our pandemic theater is a theater of research. Open-air research, accessible to all, meeting new audiences. Research to humbly continue to harbor our shared mythology and create a crisis mythology. Le HIC is an ephemeral artistic laboratory that took place from August 21st to September 11th 2020 in Yverdon-les-Bains in collaboration with the Festival Le Castrum. A laboratory of utopias. Social utopia, artistic utopia, ecological utopia. 


Constance Bugnon

Former member


Christine Daigle

Former member


Mathias Reymond

Active member

NBJulien Brun.tif

Julien Brun

Associate member


Ambre Aucouturier

Active member


Dimitri Hatton

Associate member

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