Creation 2018

Event with multiple borders

Installation | Performing arts | Performance | Circus | Dance | Theater

4 hours | 12-70 y/o

An artistic transgender between dance, circus, theater and music. A performative, contemplative and immersive Land art. This engaging performance unfolds in large outdoor natural spaces : prairies, hills, and forests. Homonolith inhabits each new space in a specific way and the dramatic curve of the piece reinvents itself as it encounters each of the different landscapes.


We would like to invite the audience to live a unique and powerful experience. We invite the public to encounter a rare oeuvre with a migratory path, surprising and organic, oscilla- ting between reality and performance. To encounter eight artists playing with their own limits, other spectators, structures both enigmatic and comforting, a nature that can some- times be welcoming, or worrying... to encounter yourself. Homonolith is a piece to ponder at length as it only reveals itself through time.

Collaborating artists & performers

Scenography and light design