Creation 2020

Contemporary dance and circus trio

Made for theaters and alternative venues

Lonely are the lonely roads is an avant-garde interdisciplinary project blending together circus and dance. This peculiar scenic object treats the subject of alterity, creating tension within the question of relationships and identity. What brings us together in relation with each other? What binds us with our material and immaterial environment? In our fragmented and individualistic society, is it still possible to create common spaces? Let’s take the time together to have access to all the subtleties and complexity inherent to these themes. Let’s experience it through this dancing trio, both electric and sensual, where an ardent partnering work meets a refined circus composition exempt of artifices.

Creators and performers

Choreographic assistance

Dramaturgic advisor

Sound designer

Light designer &

Dramaturgic advisor

Artistic video of the project 

In collaboration with Flamant (Oct. 2018)