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CREATION 2021-2022

Let’s go, the time is now!


Hurry up, let’s have fun, let’s live it up, let’s seize the day, let’s indulge in this unforgettable moment,

a moment that will imprint

in our memories,

no more weight,

no more worries, we float in the air above everyone else, above the mass, observing from high above this mass of worries we feel good,

sooo good,

a moment to never be forgotten, pleasure imprinted in the memory, it cannot be forgotten,

to experience the limit of pleasure,

guaranteed pleasure, unlimited pleasure, unconditional pleasure, pleasure pleasure, pleasure inscribed in the memory of this unforgettable moment, will not be forgotten that soon,

limitless we become intangible, savoring our escape from gravity, how pleasant to feel totally unweighted, to anything even ourselves, maximum pleasure,

we benefit from this pleasure, we capitalize it, we extract the maximum of profit, guaranteed profit, unlimited profit, unconditional profit, profit profit profit, engraving profit in the memory of this unforgettable moment.  

* Harmless only with compliance to the operating instructions, do not exceed prescribed doses, avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and skin, in case of contact, rinse immediately and thoroughly with lots of clean water, in case of ingestion, immediately contact a specialist.

Comfort is often considered through an objective lens relying on purely technical criterias. If that were the case, we would only have to balance the equation between our environmental conditions and our physiological needs to simply solve the question of wellness. However, as some contemporary societies offer increasingly more access to material comfort, the dissatisfaction doesn’t necessarily diminish. On an intangible level, entertainment should also solve our discomfort, but equally fails to fill that void. Researching the interwoven relationship between ultimate comfort and consumption will perhaps unravel that materialism (material innovations products) actually leads to the corruption of the well-being it pretends to bring.The same rings true for the plurality of activities designed to fill our time for rest, annihilating any possible respite. In a world where the future seems unsettlingly more uncertain and uncomfortable, the utopic and universal notion of comfort fantasized by humanity is revealing itself to be an apocalyptic pipe dream.


Constance Bugnon

Performance & Creation


Christine Daigle

Performance & Creation


Dimitri Hatton

Performance & Creation


Mathias Reymond

Performance & Creation

NBJulien Brun.tif

Julien Brun

Creation, Scenography & Dramaturgy


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