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Here you can have an access to the catalog of the 96 Solutions

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As you may know, we are hosting a zoom discussion on Wednesday, the 24th of June at 15:00 GMT/UTC+0 (17:00 European Time, 11:00 US/Canada Eastern Time, 00:00 South Korea/Japan Time).

During this zoom we will collectively discuss your feedback on the “96 Solutions and Anti-Solutions for a Pandemic Theater”, as well as all other topics that results from the talk.

This will be the occasion to share collectives thoughts as well as maybe build an ongoing discussion for the future.

We are looking forward to zoom with you about tomorrow’s theater!

Discussion about feedbacks

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You cannot attend our zoom discussion on Wednesday, the 24th of June? Or you would like to give us some written feedback?


We would be very happy to receive your thoughts in order to prepare the collective zoom discussion and the future research laboratory we will hold in Switzerland.


We will of course keep you updated and give you access to the results of this collective feedback.

Tell us what you think

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